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Phillips PM-5134


Technische Daten:


Sinus-, Dreieck- und Rechteck-Signale, positiver und negativer Puls, DC Ausgangsspannung 2…20Vpp mit 3 / 6 / 10 / 20dB Abschwächer DC-Offset und Duty Cycle einstellbar Amplituden- und Frequenzmodulation, Sweepgenerator 4 stelliges Display zur Anzeige von Frequenz / Ausgangsspannung The Phillips PM-5134 is an easy-to-use yet sophisticated function generator embodying a wide range of facilities in a single instrument. It produces sine, square and triangle wave forms as well as positive or negative pulses and DC. The duty cycle is variable between 10% and 90%. The 1mHz to 20MHz frequency range is selected by means of a 10-position rotary switch with an overriding coarse/fine adjustment. This fine adjustment, combined with the 3 1/2 digit LED display, gives an immediate, highly accurate readout of the selected frequency. Setting up procedures are thus very much simplified compared with the traditional dial setting and any human errors (e.g. paralax) are eliminated.

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